About Us

We give our clients the attention they deserve!



DoorSide Valet - We make it Convenient- based in Austin, Tx caters to saving residents time from long walks to the dumpster and hauling trash on their vehicles. By choosing DoorSide Valet as your preferred trash solution provider, our services will help increase your property value while maintaining the beautification of your communities.

For managers seeking excellence in a property management partner, we are the tried and tested resource that supports communities where people want to live and that improves property value. Our proven track record and pioneering edge allow us to set the standard for residential living. We continuously evolve our processes, re-define the language and set the benchmarks that are universally recognized and used across the multifamily housing industry.

We currently service the greater Austin, Dallas, and Houston Areas.



David Simes
Founder, CEO

As the founder and Leader of DoorSide Valet Trash&Recycling, our mission is to earn trust 1 property at a time. Since founded in 2014 DoorSide has grown organically by doing the right thing and putting the clients needs first. It's our mission to provide quality service and ensure all residents benefit from a new way of living.


Madeleine Floyd 
Chief Of Operations

Madeleine joined our team to help make sure each and every client receives the best service that DoorSide has to give. With every opportunity earned, Madeleine embodies the message of perseverance and dedication that we strive to achieve within our business.