No more walking to the dumpster! Call us today at 512-200-8465

Valet Trash is our trade, Customer service is our Business!

Pick up Trash 3 times a Week!

Services starts at 6:30pm sharp on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

2 Bags Max per Pickup

Up to 13 gallon trash bags.
Ready to have your trash picked up?

No Contract

Residents pay as they go and can cancel at any time.

I like that DoorSide is optional and it's not mandatory in my rent like the other valet trash companies.


Customer service is awesome! They're in uniform and they always speak to me as they're taking my trash.

- Jessica

I'm a single mother of two beautiful little girls and taking out the trash is a hassle for me. DoorSide has made my life much easier and I will refer them to anyone with a busy schedule.


Using the quick pick-up was a huge bonus during my NBA Finals party. I didn't miss a play and didn't have to get my hands dirty.


Quick Pickup

Do you need a one-time trash pickup?  Click the button on the right to schedule a one-time Trash pickup for $10.

About Us

We cater to residents as individuals and property management as a whole. We help residents save time from walking to the dumpster, and help property management  increase their property value by adding this amenity. DSVT enables your maintenance team to focus on work orders and property upkeep. We are the only valet trash company to offer a non-contracted subscription base model for residents, and to communities that don’t have this amenity in their budgets.

Phone: 512-200-8465


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